Smitha began conducting baking classes as a small pastime along with her foray into professional baking in 2004. Now has food enthusiasts all across Chennai, signing up for them on a regular basis. It has been her privilege to introduce over 300 people (both young and old) to the magic of baking. The age groups of people who have attended the baking classes range from 5 to 80 years!

Beginners classes – for those who want to explore their interest in baking. Basic skills and tips are shared with participants so as to introduce them to the exciting world of baking and cooking. These classes are best suited to young boys and girls who are looking to sustain themselves as they move away from home to pursue higher education or jobs. It is also a favourite among those ‘in preparation for marriage’! 

Group Classes – These classes may be part of a birthday party or for a group of friends. If it’s a birthday party, kids work together to bake a birthday cake for the birthday boy or girl. 

Private classes are held for those who have a specific skill or recipe that they want to learn and perfect. One on one time ensures undivided attention. Often, private classes are held for partners learning to cook or bake to surprise their companion!